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Addictions and Mental Health

Indicators describing addictions and mental health

Canadian Deprivation Index

Indicators of the distribution of material deprivation in Alberta and other Canadian Provinces

Chronic Disease

Indicators pertaining to Chronic Disease in Alberta


Indicators Describing Demographic Patterns in Alberta

Drug Utilization

Indicators Describing Drug Utilization and Costs in Alberta

First Nations Indicators

Indicators pertaining to First Nations subpopulations in Alberta

Geographic Boundary Files

Geographic Boundary Files are available only from IHDA-Geographic

Geographic Profiles

Indicators grouped into 3 geographic profiles: Alberta; Zones; or Local Areas

Health Costing

Indicators describing health care costs in Alberta

Health Service Utilization

Indicators Describing Health Service Usage in Alberta


Indicators pertaining to Immunization Events in Alberta

Infectious Disease

Indicators pertaining to Infectious Disease in Alberta


Indicators Describing Injury Patterns in Alberta


Indicators Describing Mortality Patterns in Alberta

Pandemic Influenza Scenarios

Projected Influenza Outcomes under various scenarios

Reproductive Health

Indicators pertaining to Reproductive Health in Alberta

Survey - Statistics Canada Census Profiles (AB only)

Census Surveys

Survey - Alberta Community Health Survey (ACHS)

Indicators derived from the Alberta Community Health (ACHS) Survey

Survey - Canadian Community Health Survey (CCHS)

Indicators derived from Canadian Community Health (CCHS) Survey

Survey - HPV

Indicators derived from Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) Survey

Tick Surveillance

Alberta Tick Surveillance Program